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Download Best Greeting Cards Android Apps Source Code for Sale

Posted on February 1 2013 in free iphone apps, free android apps, android source code, source code for iphone applications

Download Best Greeting Cards Android Apps Source Code for Sale

MobileAppsGallery has a huge collection of greeting card images and photos you can also choose from. The categories present are: Christmas, Birthday, New Years, Father Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Sorry, Love, Wedding, Thanks, Funny, and Valentine’s Day. MobileAppsGallery also provide free android apps or iPhone apps. You can buy iPhone and android app source code with cost effective rates.

Using this greeting cards android apps source code you can create so many applications. You can take any Character name and rename this android application source code with a new name & images. You are done with new source code. You can send your greeting card by email or Gmail, Twitter, FaceBook, Whatsapp or whatever other sharing app you have installed on your Android. No matter whether you need it for a birthday, holiday or something else, this app lets you select a cool image from a selection of thousands of nice pictures.

How to Change this Greeting Gards Android Apps Source Code:

Step 1: Change Images: Screen1.png, 57.png, 512.png, All other buttons images

Step 2: Change given Selena's photos to your selected celebrity's photos.

Step 3: Run Application and see your new application with your selected celebrity.

That's it, now you are ready to put this app in android play store Market for sale.

Features of the Greeting Cards Android Apps Source Code:

  • Multiple day Poems

  • Multiple all days Greeting Cards

  • Customize your greeting cards for your lovely occasions

  • Add Your Text, icons, Photo of yours photo

  • Capture of Camera and set background

MobileAppsGallery is best place to buy iPhone/android apps source code. To promote your app and sell your application source codes please visit mobileappsgallery now.

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